Sunday, 28 July 2013

Stripes and bright lips

Hi everyone,

As I am liking my look for today, I thought the best thing to post would be a little explanation of my outfit and make-up. This is only my first post, but there is much more to see, I've got a few things planned so you will have to wait and see.

For my outfit, I'm just wearing a simple long sleeve dress, from forever 21, it was really cheap at only £10.50 so it's great if you love a bargain. It is super comfy to wear and great for all weather. I personally like forever 21 as I don't know many people who buy from there so if you're worried you're going to have something the same as others, it is quite unlikely.

Doing my make-up is my favourite part of a look as I think it just finishes and compliments your outfit. This is just really simple with a subtle shimmery eye shadow and a bright lip. I like this as it is good for everyday, nothing to heavy on the face or eyes, but I like to wear a bright colour on my lip, I won't going into much detail about the different products I use as I will probably do that very soon on a separate post. However I will say that a lot of the everyday make-up I use is drug store brands and relatively cheap, for the main reason being I am still in college with only a Saturday job so I can't afford high end brands all the time. 

The products I'm wearing:

  • Mac eye shadow in the colour gleam
  • Maybelline, the falsies mascara
  • Collection 2000, pencil eyeliner in black
  • Natural collection, shine away foundation in the colour porcelain
  • Natural collection concealer
  • No7 pressed powder in translucent
  • Maybelline brow pencil in the colour soft brown
  • Mac lipstick in the colour impassioned
Stay tuned for more and hoped you like the first post. xxx

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