Sunday, 11 August 2013

Face Wash Routine

Hey Hey,

As for today I thought I would share my face wash routine for anyone that is interested, including the products I use like make-up remover and moisturiser. I find it interesting to see what other people use and get hint and tips, its great to share your own preferences so that's exactly what I'm doing.

This is my usual routine at night before I go to bed, if I'm having a lazy day and not wearing any make-up during the day then I would also do this in the morning too.

Start by taking off all my make-up using Garnier eye make-up remover with some cotton wool. It is really nice on the skin, great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and cleanses the face really well to start.

Then I use the simple triple action face wash, I showed this in my 5 monthly favourites, I recommend this product a lot, I find it really cleanses the skin well and gets rid of any dirt that's left, leaving your face feeling very refreshed afterwards and has also helped to keep spots and blemishes down.

After then drying my face I like to moisturise using Nivea pure and natural day cream, with this cream a little bit goes a long way so you wont be needing a lot, I rub this into my whole face starting from the centre and working my way out. Honestly I have heard people say they do not like this cream, I however like it very much, I think it is totally your preference but I would definitely give this one a go. It really helps to keep my skin looking and feeling very soft and healthy.It has a great scent leaving you feel very fresh.

Finally then using the Witch blemish stick, also shown in in my 5 monthly favourites, I rub this over the areas where I have any blemishes or can feel them appearing, it helps to dry them up quickly and leave you with great skin. It works really fast in about 4 days and leaves you with no marks after.

Hopefully you find this interesting and may even try some of these products yourself. Stay tuned for more very soon. xxx


  1. I'm using the simple triple action face wash at the moment, I'm quite liking it too!
    Nice post, I'm a new follower!
    Alice xxx

    1. Yes, its quite a nice face wash. Thankyou for the follow, means a lot for just starting out (: xxx