Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Red hair dye

Hey everyone,

I have some spur of motivation to write a post today, I've been thinking about it all day, and thought why not. I dyed my hair again last night, so thought what better to post than my hair tutorial I suppose, the dye I use, my routine and hair products e.t.c.

For dying my hair I do usually go to the hairdressers and get it done professionally but at £50 a time, that adds up and is pretty expensive, so as I needed to even out my hair colour again after it faded on holiday I brought a dye myself and got my friend to do it for me. I bought the schwarzkopf XXL live colour in real red, which is a permanent hair dye, and at only £5 a box from my local drug store this was such a cheap alternative to going to the hairdressers.

The colour worked really well and took all over, as I have had problems with my ends before. It didn't come out as bright a red as it said on the box but that is mainly because of my original colour I was covering, mine was a lot darker than recommended but already had red in it. It was mainly used to brighten my colour at the time and even the fading out, which it did amazingly, but would not complain about the overall shade of red, still pretty bright if it's your first try of going this colour.

As for my actual hair routine for everyday, I wash my hair with colour treated shampoo's and conditioner's, the actual brand I use can change, but two I have used a lot of and have had good results is the treseme brand, and also Aussie. These have helped to keep the colour for a little longer than normal, as red hair is prone to fade very quickly. After washing my hair I blow dry my fringe down in place and then blast the rest of my hair not worrying too much as I have many layers.

I use two main styling product on my hair and they are the VO5 give me texture styling spray, this just helps to give my hair a little messy look and separate my layers out a bit so that it is not completely flat and straight. I then use the VO5 strong hold hair spray. This is mainly for my fringe to keep that it place but also a little sprayed all over to keep my hair in place giving it that messy look and feel.

I hope you have liked the post for today and get any ideas for yourself for a similar style or any of the products I use, I would highly recommend any of them. I have my usual Friday post still coming so watch out for that, and hope your enjoyed. xxx

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