Saturday, 26 October 2013

Eyebrow Mayhem

Most people will fill in their eyebrows on a day to day basis, make them fuller, change the shape slightly. Me however, I have to create my eyebrows everyday. As of summer I began to realise my eyebrows were getting thinner and thinner, Until I realised the ends of my eyebrows were almost gone. I came to the conclusion that without even realising at all, I was picking at them, probably due to stress, And now as a result, it is a very slow process growing them back. So for today I thought I would share with you my daily routine of my make-up for my eyebrows.

It is not a very complicated or long process but I use the light matte brown colour in my MUA palette, Sorry but I do not know the name of the colour, and a Revlon angled brush to use as a base colour and get the shape right, Before then using Rimmel eyebrow pencil to darken it and fill in the rest. 



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