Tuesday, 29 October 2013

OOTD - Monochrome

Yesterday I braved it outside after the terrible storm we had in England. Well It was the worst the UK have had it for a long time anyway. There was a Lot of destruction done over the whole country, but luckily for me, nothing was too damaged around my town and village so I managed to make it out and spend a day in town with my family. As for my life story of yesterday I wanted to share this cute little outfit I put together.

I have just realised when writing about this, that my whole outfit is from newlook woops, Just shows how affordable it is, and the fact it was the only decent shop in my town for ages. But my outfit consists of:

- Plain black tights - £2.99
- Hight top converse - £55.00

Hope you liked My outfit of the day xxx

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