Friday, 4 October 2013

Winter Wardrobe

As winter is close and weather is getting much colder, I've realised my winter wardrobe is not the best, so I thought I would put together a few different things to show what I'm liking at the moment and what I may buy to add to my winter collection. There are 3 different groups, coats, jumpers and warm leggings too.

I have not changed my coat in about 2 years as I don't really like wearing one, but as my parents keep moaning that I should get one I decided to have a search. This search was very hard as I am one for being very picky on the type of coat I want. In the end I found 4 that I don't mind too much, and for reasonable prices in high street shops too.

Jumpers are another thing that is low in my wardrobe, So I searched for a few different knitted jumpers that I can put on to go with jeans or skirts and layer up underneath to keep me warm. I found some great Christmas ones with designs on the front and some nice plain ones too.

Lastly I decided to look for some leggings, I have really got back into wearing these in the winter as they are great for keeping you warm with skirts or shorts if you don't want to wear jeans. I prefer things with patterns rather than plain colours so I found 4 different pairs each with a great pattern and some colour.

Do you fancy any of these yourself, or have you got anything different to show ? xxx

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