Friday, 22 November 2013

Elf Make-up Haul

At the beginning of November, Elf cosmetics celebrated having 20,000 follows on twitter by having a 50% off code to use online, now of course I could not resist and turn down this wonderful opportunity and went a head a bought a few different make-up pieces. I have used all of the products but not all of them enough to give amazing reviews but I still wanted to share the products I have with you.

I got 3 lipsticks, all quite similar colours, of a pinky red colour. At only £1.50 they are an absolute bargain and are really great lipsticks, the pigment is pretty good and lasts quite well too. I would say the darker shades are better lasting but maybe that is to expect.

From left to right the colours are: Gypsy, classy, fearless

Next with my purchases are 2 cream eye products. A cream eyeshadow at £3.75, this is a blue metallic colour which as you can see shows a lot more colour on the skin than when in the pot. It is again quite pigmented and because of the creamy texture you only need to apply a little bit to the eye. Also a cream eyeliner at £3.75 in black which also comes with quite a nice little angles brush to apply it with. 

Colours from left to right: Teal party, black

The last things for this mini haul is powdered blush at £3.75, this is really great and quite subtle so this is really nice to wear on a day to day basis but can definitely be built up to create a darker colour. Finally a lipliner at £1.50, I wear quite a lot of burgundy or dark pinker red colours so I wanted something to wear with these to help keep the lasting time. This works really nice and easy to apply all over the lips.

Colours from left to right: bitter, mellow mauve

The prices shown above are the original prices for if you bought the products now with no offers. But all in all with 50% off I only spent roughly £8.60 which is really great value for great products.


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