Friday, 29 November 2013

Super Hero Fancy Dress

This weekends adventure includes a fancy dress birthday party, the theme is super hero's and villain's so that leaves me with a lot of choice. As it is close to Christmas and do not have much money to spend, I wanted a great character but with not having to spend too much money, I also didn't want to be a typical or well known character as a lot of people would think of that. So for my costume I decided to go with Hit girl from the Kickass films. I decided to share this all with everyone to help anyone else who may have a fancy dress party and give you any ideas.

Most of the costume is very simple but some of it is handmade, this is thanks to my mum as she likes a little sewing now and then. Alot of the things I had already so didn't need to spend much. Her main colours are purple and I stuck close to the original outfit as much as I could. The clothes I'm wearing are:

- Primark - purple footless tights
- Black lace Tutu £5 - Picked up from a little stall but could find them in a lot of cheap shops
- Tartan skirt - £2 for half metre of material - hand made
- Pink belt - hand made from ribbon
- Primark - Purple long sleeve top
- Black cape - hand made
- Dr.marten boots - Already had these, Definitely did not go out and buy this specially

Usually hit girl wears a black mask across her eyes, but I didn't really want to do that so I did my make-up all nice instead. I also wanted to dye my hair purple anyway so this added to costume anyway. I'm not going to go through all of the products, but I will say some of the main ones with there colours. 

- MUA eye shadow in purple blended with a black from the outer corner
- ELF cream eyeliner black

Lips - Mac lipstick in the colour cyber

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post, I'm really happy with how the outfit turned out. Leave any comments on your opinion, would really appreciate it (: xxx

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