Sunday, 15 December 2013

18th Cupacke BirthdayDay Party!!

My birthday is boxing day,and as you can imagine it is quite awkward to celebrate around then with my friends as people have family things, so I decided to celebrate my 18th this weekend. This post is just a photo blog of all the fun we had this weekend. I had a very small get together with 15 of us, I had a sleepover and tea party on Saturday evening, taking it back to child times with kids party food, party bags, and of course all tinker bell themed. Then Sunday lunch time, I had a cupcake workshop, where we each got to make and learn how to decorate 6 cupcakes each.

It was so much fun and and I love all the presents I got, I wasn't expecting anyone to get me something, but it's nice that people bother. These included a scarf, a scaffold earring, a little trinket dish, a mac eye shadow, and of course chocolates.

Saturdays Party!

Cupcake Workshop!

Cupcakes the lady made for us!

Some baby pictures my mum filled the house with

My cupcakes!


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