Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Face Masks

I know I haven't done a post in a long time, well just over a week, but it's christmas and I've been very busy with family and school so I will let myself off. Anyway, I have recently just bought a face mask from lush as I really wanted to try one out to see if it would help my skin at all. I had a look at them all and, the one I liked the sound of the most was, cupcake, which is a chocolate face mask, it says it is great for younger skin and those with oily or spotty skin.

I have only used this face mask 2 times at the moment, but I love it already. It left my face feeling really nice and cleansed afterwards. I think it really helped with some oilyness of my skin, It helped dry out my spots and left my skin feeling smooth afterwards.

This is definitely something to remember as in the shop I was asked on different occasions what my skin type was as they have had people by it just because it is chocolate, not knowing it can really dry your skin out if you have dry skin already.

The face mask is made from all natural ingredients which to start off with I did not like as it means the face mask itself is quite bitty, and found it hard to apply the first time, however this does not hold the product back as I love it regardless, I think it smells amazing and it is really easy to wash off with no mess at all. I will definitely be purchasing this again when It runs out.

Leave any comments telling me your opinions on face masks.

Merry Christmas. xxx

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