Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OOTD - Christmas Fun!

It is now only 14 Days, yes 2 weeks until Christmas so I thought it was definitely acceptable to bring out my new Christmas skirt and create a little outfit for this, So why not share it with everyone else. On a side note, 14 days till Christmas, 15 days till I'm 18!!!!!

There is not much writing to this post, apart from, I fell in love with this cute burgundy knitted Christmas skirt, It has a very cute reindeer and fairailse pattern on it, and for only £8 in primark I thought why not. It was surprisingly warm considering I wore only skin coloured tights underneath. I then tucked in a plain white vest top, and put on my cream spotty blazer from H&M, I love this blazer as it is a neutral colour and can be paired with most things to finish off the perfect outfit. I will however say, I am going to purchase either a cream or burgundy vest top, as I did feel the white looked slightly odd, but I had no other choice this morning.

I apologise for the bad quality photo's now.


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