Friday, 31 January 2014

College VS Work

Now I knew I looked different from when i go to college and when I'm at work, i mean most people dress differently when you're not at work, but i didn't realise i looked that different my own colleagues wouldn't recognise me, i had to pop into work one day after i finished college and as i walked into the shop my colleague didn't take any notice who i was, till i said hi to her and she was surprised how different i looked, so i thought id share my two different looks with you all as i found this rather interesting. 

This is a typical college look, i normally wear my everyday face routine with a bit of a brighter blush and sometimes a bright lipstick like this. My eye make-up is normally a shimmer gold colour blended out with brown, but as i wear glasses whilst at college for reading you don't normally notice it as much.

My hair is normally down with my fringe swept across, or sometimes i will clip my fringe back if i don't have much time left.

This is then a typical work look for Saturday, I make my self presentable obviously as i work in a shop but i use much more neutral colours, for example just a cream eye shadow with black liner, a subtle pink blush to add some colour to my cheeks, and either this nude lipstick or a pink lip gloss.

I usually wear my hair up in a bun like this as it's quick and easy to do if I'm in a rush, and it keeps it off my face while working all day.

After looking at both looks next to each other i can see the difference, but i think it's interesting how slightly different make-up and a hair style can change your whole look, i suppose that is the point to some extent though. Hope you enjoyed this little post, and let me know of any similar stories if you have any ? 

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