Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beauty And Fashion Christmas

I haven't posted in two weeks, but I've been really busy over Christmas and new year, so I thought id give myself a little break and now i will get back to blogging. I have had so many family things, my birthday and I've just got back from a weeks visit to Barcelona for New year, but that will be in my next post.

As this is my first post after Christmas I thought id show you some of the beauty and fashion related presents i got from friends and family.

Mac eye shadow Palette - I have wanted to start one of these for so long, So I'm very pleased to finally get one, I love these as you can make them up yourself and chose the colours you want to have, and you're able to mix and match depending on what your wearing most of at that time.

Brush roll and brushes - I do not know the make or where the brush roll is from, but it has a cute pattern on the front and it makes carrying brushes around so much easier so it was a very good and practical present. I also got two new brushes from elf, an eye crease brush and a bronze/blush brush, I like them both, they're very soft and work great.

Marc Jacobs honey perfume - I absolutely love this perfume and have wanted it for so long, so I am pleased to have got it, It was joint Christmas and birthday present (birthmas) from my brother, It smells amazing, quite sweet but I love it.

Onesie - I have two onesies already but you can never have two many, this is quite plain, no extravagant animal but they're comfy to wear and great for relaxing Sundays.

Cashmere jumper - Again this something I have wanted for a long time, and i was lucky enough to get this as a birthday present from my colleagues at work. It's a burgundy round neck, and if you haven't even touched cashmere what are you doing, It is super soft and comfy to wear. 

Marc Jacobs watch - For my birthday I asked for a special present, of a rose gold Marc Jacobs watch, I have never been into wearing watches but I can not take this one off, the face isn't huge so it sits well on tiny wrists like mine, and isn't to heavy either.

Dresses - You can never have two many dresses, both of these are skater type dresses, the red flowered dress is from primark, so I'm guessing they are a cheap buy but I love it none the less. The blue/green lace dress is from new look witch is great for a casual day and wearing to college but I could also dress it up with some heels and wear it out for the night.


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