Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Favourite Bath Products

Lately I have been in the mood for relaxing and trying to take a break from all the school work and stress so what better way to do it than having a bath. Hot water, loads of bubbles and a lovely scent is the best way for relaxing so I wanted to share some of my favourite products I like to use with you.

For the actual bath itself i used bath soak from dirty works, I had this given to me but i think you can buy it from drug stores likes boots or some supermarkets. There is no scent to it so good for anyone with sensitive skin as some bubble baths can be irritating, but it does create lots of bubbles which is nice.

I also love a good bath bomb to add too, one for the scent and also because thy change your water, the ones i have at the moment i actually got from my local garden center, they were only 10 for £2 as they're are rather small but quite effective, They all have different scents from lemon, coconut, rose, jasmine and lots more, I used the green one which i can not remember the exact scent but i know they're all nice and it changed the colour of my water quite green which is always fun. 

During a bath i love a good body scrub and again from the same set i have the body scrub from dirty works, It works really well with exfoliating the body and getting rid of any dry skin.

Finally after a nice bath is always good to moisturize, I have a set of three different ones from the Calcot Manor collection, you can buy these from your local supermarket. There are three different types, the perfect day, the lazy evening and the de-stress. I have used all three and are all good, but my favourite is the moisture souffle from the lazy evening range, It works really well to moisturize the skin and smells amazing as it is infused with chamomile and sweet fig.


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