Friday, 28 February 2014

Half Term Week

Last week was half term for me and normally that means loads of school work and an absolutely boring week, but i actually made something of it this week and did quite a few different things that i thought id share with the world this week in a little lifestyle blog post.  My week included starting up my very first tropical fish tank, baking some different cakes, a trip to London with the family to visit my sister., and I also went shopping, which i will be doing a haul post over the next week separately. Hope you enjoy all the pictures.

The three fish, which now unfortunately are only 2, as one escaped and died over night. I have had so many problems with these fish as they like to jump from the tank with out reason to do so. Luckily i still have 2 left and will be adding to them shortly. Benny the yellow guppy unfortunately died but i still have Feliks the snake skin guppy, and Oscar the orange one.

These were the cakes i made during the week, Left is coffee cake with chocolate icing swirled on top, and right is carrot cake with icing sugar dusted over them.

Finally was the trip to London on Sunday, We took the boat down to Greenwich, and went to Greenwich park, stopped at a cafe rouge for lunch, i had the burger and it was amazing, We then went to the shard later at night to look out over London where the views were amazing and sat with our glass of wine. On the train journey home i couldn't go with out some doughnuts to keep me company.


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