Monday, 10 February 2014

Valentines Week - Nails

It is valentines day on Friday, so I am making this valentines week, where i will be posting today, Wednesday and Friday with some valentines inspired posts. You may not have a boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, or valentine at all, i know i don't i will forever be doing nothing alone. So today is slightly on par with my last post about nails, as i have painted my nails for valentines day. Even if you're not going out for valentines you can always use this for just a night out, or special occasion.

This look is simple and easy to do yourself, with a matte red base and black sparkly tips, i did the tips free hand with a very steady hand. You can change this up and use all different colours to match outfits and such, but as it is valentines week i chose black.

The nail polish used is:
-Star gazer in red
- NYC matte top coat
- black sparkle from wilkinson

I know this was super short but i hope you liked this, and expect to see more.


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