Friday, 21 February 2014

MUA Make-up Haul

This month i have tried not to spend any money on make-up as I needed to start saving for practical things, you know like those pet fish i bought woops, but obviously you can't go without buying a little something so I limited myself to some things from MUA as i don't feel as bad knowing its cheaper than a high end brand but I feel just as good and some of my favourite products, so i wanted to share these with you.

Velvet Lip Lacquer - Atomic - Right
This is a very bright red, orange colour which is amazing but now think i may regret it slightly as it is definitely bold and bright but still lovely none the less. It has a great pigment and the texture is glossy when applying and dries nicely to a matte texture. It also has great staying power all day and is quite tough to remove but I think this is a good thing.

Plumping Lipgloss - Buff - Left
This is a very neutral tone which is great for everyday if you like to wear something but don't want to go too bold. It has a glossy shine to it without leaving your lips too wet or too sticky, the consistency is great. The colour is not bold but good for all day shine and last fairly well.

Liptick - Shade 11 - Left
My final lip product is the £1 lipstick, this is so cheap and one of my favourite lipsticks and shade. It is again a neutral shade or brown with a slight pink tone but with less shine and more pigment than the gloss if you're looking for something with more colour. Staying power is not too bad, I would apply after eating with this one but that's expected to some extent.

Blush - bubblegum - Right
This blusher is actually a brighter pink than the picture, it doesn't do it any justice but I couldn't get a better one so left it at that. I love the colour of this but will never wear it full on and always blend it out to make it a softer pink, put applies and blends great on the skin for a lovely finish to any look.


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