Friday, 7 February 2014

Top 5 Nail Polish

My favourite nail polish, I couldn't just pick one as i have too many to chose from so this is my 5 favourite from the collection i have. They're nearly all different brands and all very different colours.

H&M - Bella's choice - £2.99
This is my favourite colour out of all of them, the bright blue/turquoise is great, with only one coat the colour looks bold but I always like to do two just to make sure thee are no gaps and is completely covered. It dries very quickly so a great polish if you're heading out somewhere and need to do your nails in rush.

No7 - Thunderstorm - £6.00
I love this nail polish one for its colour as it is a simple grey so looks lovely with anything without looking too dark like pure black would and also very chip resistant, I find it very hard to find a nail polish that wont chip within in a day on my nails, but this one is great and lasts for long time.

Rimmel - Caramal Cupcake - £2.69
This nail polish is from the 60 seconds collection which means it is supposed to dry in that time, and it really does, it dries super quick so you're able to do two coats without having to wait ages. This colour is great for those who don't like wearing bold colours but want something on their nails, it is very subtle but looks amazing.

Seventeen - Pink Glitter - £2.99
I have wanted one of these glitter nail polish's for a long time so i finally picked up a pink/red one, with just one coats it looks great over a coloured base, i have used black for this one as it really stands out, but you can also do multiple layers on its own to have fully glittered nails which is great for a special occasion. I will say it is a slight pain to get off with the more layers you do but that happens with any of the glitter nail polish.

Rimmel - Round And Round In Circles - £2.69
Again this is a polish from the 60 seconds collection so dries very fast. The polish is a lovely bright lemon colour, It needs 2/3 coats to make the colour really stand out and not leave it looking see through but great for summer or just adding that burst of brightness.


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