Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stationary And Organisation

This post is a little different in that i suppose you could call it a life style ish post, it is not to do with fashion, beauty or anything of the sort. It is a post on how i like to keep my self organised with school work, blogging and just the general times in between. I have also not posted in a little while as i have had far too much work and still do but managing it, just about. So with my love of pretty stationary, colours and being organised, this is how i work.

I decided to invest in a few different notebooks and planners. I got 2 plain papered notebooks from paperchase at only £3 each so super cheap, but as i like things being colourful, as i mean who doesn't, it just makes it so much more inviting, I also got some very beautiful paper from paperchase for about £1.50 which i have covered the front and back of the books with. 

One of these books i now use as a scrap book where i will start to keep all those memorable moments and a place to draw and doodle when i want to. The second is used for all my blogging needs and ideas, Its an organised place where i can write up my ideas or doodle around them if i wish so that i won't forget anything and is easy to go back too.

Now for school with all my final exams coming up in about 2 months, it soooo soon, i needed a place to help me revise with all my information, so only needing to focus on 2 main subjects with exams I bought 2 planner notebooks with tabs from WHSmith at only £2.69 each. 

One book is for psychology and the other maths, and in each sections in those books i have dedicated to a separate exam to keep everything in one place in order. Again these books were just one plain colour so i bought different packs of stickers and covered the fronts of each, and i also invested in some different coloured highlighter pens to keep this colour co-ordinated inside.


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