Friday, 6 June 2014

Purple Lipstick - Mac VS H&M

A little while back i had a fancy dress party where i needed a dark purple lipstick, and straight away i went to Mac were i picked up a deep purple colour, i don't wear it often as it is quite dark but recently when being in H&M i walked past the little makeup stand and saw a very gorgeous purple colour so thought id try this one out too, which is what got me here, i wanted to compare the two, its not a colour dupe it's probably more of a product dupe though they are slightly different, as one is matte and one is not. 

The Mac lipstick is in the colour cyber which is a very deep purple, i absolutely love it but definitely better for the winter. This is a satin lipstick so has some shine and moisture to it once applied. I feel this is where it lets the product down, i found it very hard to apply as the colour would smear and not look even on the lip which was the main problem.

The lipstick from H&M was in the colour burgundy which is more of a brighter colour and with a matte finish. This is one of my favourite colours at the moment. I found this a lot easier to apply as it has a bolder colour and you do not need to keep going over to get the colour you require.

Overall i do prefer the H&M lipstick, but for a matte lipstick the wear time on it was not great which may be expected from a cheaper product, You did need to reapply after eating or drinking anything as it comes off easily, i would say more than the Mac lipstick. However at only £3.99 you really can't complain as it is a good lipstick, and definitely will be trying more out. 


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