Monday, 2 June 2014

Review - Mac Foundation And Powder

I recently purchased a Mac foundation and powder and after using them for a little while i decided to do a review on them for anyone who is interested.

Mac pro longwear foundation - £25
To start i have never bought a high end foundation as i refuse to pay the price, but lately I've just not been happy with any that i have tried to use, the most success i have had is from Rimmel match perfection which i do still occasionally use, So i as pay day happened i thought today will be the day i try a mac foundation as my sister and friend Charlotte said i should.

I had a skin match done and the man was very kind in the shop to help me chose the right shade and foundation, this has a good medium coverage and covers my blemishes well, and is also build able if you're looking for a fuller covered look which is nice for a night out etc. It has matte finish which is something i always go for. Sometimes i find it hard to blend as it is matte but then that's probably just me, but overall it is a great foundation and i would definitely recommend this.

Mac studio fix powder - £21.50
For a very long time i have used the Rimmel stay matte powder as it is a very good high street product, but after getting my makeup done i wanted to try this out as it was amazing. This is a powder and foundation in one, so it says. I use it after applying foundation and concealer, it helps fix all makeup into place whilst keeping the matte finish, as it has a foundation part to it, it is great to take on a day/night out, as you can apply it through out when foundation has started to wear.

For just the powder i would stick to my Rimmel product but as this has a foundation part too i think it is great really does help to cover any blemishes when they start to show through after a long day.


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  1. It's definitely nice to invest in a high end treat for yourself. I used to wear liquid foundation, then went onto a Bare Minerals set, and I've recently bought a clinique matte foundation. Not sure how I managed to justify £22 on a small tube, but I'm certainly glad I did :) The studio fix powder sounds amazing! xx

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