Friday, 9 May 2014

Home Decor

This is a little different to the usual beauty and fashion posts but lately I've been paying more attention on how i want to decorate my room, I've gone from not caring too much, to having it all red and black, and now I've finally realised i'm a bit of a girly girly when it comes to decorating so I've been buying bits here and there to complete my room and wanted to share some with you.

First of are fairy lights, i love them and i think they make the room look so cosy and complete when its dark, that i have a fair few of them, I have some multi-coloured ones through the head board of my bed, as it is metal it looks nice wrapped around and adds colour to the black, i then draped some round my whiteboard but you could always do this round picture frames. Another place where i love to put them is if you have any cute jars or vases, is inside as when you turn them on it gives off a really good effect in the dark, I got this jar with a butterfly on from next for only£4, so super cheap but looks great and it comes in lots of different colours.

Second thing is notice boards, pin boards, white boards etc, i have a white board which is from staples, i love having this as if i get any ideas i just jot them down and they're always there so they're great for creativity and sometimes it's nice because people can leave you messages. I also have a pin board which is definitely covered in a lot of things, you could make it more organised but mine has become a little crazy, I use this as place for memorabilia, i usually put all my concert ticket or bands on there to remember everywhere i've been.

Having lots of makeup means i needed a place to keep it all, and i found this cute vintage style draw set from matalan where i keep most of it, although i may be upgrading soon as it seems to be overflowing, but its great with the 4 draws as i can keep things separated and know where they are.

 This is just a piece of furniture i picked up as i think its really handy, it is a storage space where i have my tv on top, but with all the different holes you can display all different things, and its great for items like consoles, DVD's and books. This one i picked up from a place called B&M but i'm sure you can find very similar things at a good price in IKEA too.


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