Friday, 27 June 2014

Empties Of June

This is my first ever empties post but i have seen millions of these and find them interesting, im someone that never actually gets to finish things as i get bored and try different products, so im left with products half empty or just little bits in the bottom. However this month i ended up actually finding myself with a few different empty products that i wanted to share and say my opinion on them.

No7 felt tip liner
I have had this liner for a long time, since before christmas i think as i got it free on an offer, and i have been using it practically non stop since, it is the nicest eyeliner ever, i can not describe how much i like it. Its really easy to apply to your eye whether you want just a thin line or a thicker cat eye, the colour is very opaque and it stays on really well during the whole day but comes off easily at night with makeup remover. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again.

Max factor mega volume mascara
This mascara i have actually repurchased multiple times, so i have had a few empties of this product, but this is a mascara that i use everyday, every occasion, it works really well and adds great volume to your lashes. It is a very good drug store product and i really don't intend on trying anything different soon.

Lush bubble bars & bath bombs
I suppose this is not like a tube product that becomes empty, but i have used up all of the bath bombs and bubble bars i had from lush and just bought a couple more, I love them, they are the best thing to put into your bath when you just want to relax, they all smell amazing and they turn your water some very cool colours. My favourite one i just finished was the comforter bubble bar, it is a pink and white swirled colour and smells of mainly blackcurrent, it is lovely and really does help to relax.

Girlz only dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is something that i think most people should have, it is a good product to use between washes to help give your hair that boost and also great for certain hairstyles when trying to do a bigger look. At the moment i have used one called Girlz only which you can get from the supermarket really cheap, but i will probably use a batiste dry shampoo next as i feel it works a little better.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Glasses Wearers Everyday Makeup

I saw that Tanya Burr recently did a video on this on her youtube channel and i felt inspired to do one too and leave a few little tips that i try to follow. I don't need to wear glasses all the time so sometimes i don't worry about my makeup look, i only really use them for reading and when i start to get headaches, but if i'm wearing them for long periods of time this is a look i normally go for.

I usually go for a subtle eye makeup with some liner and then quite a bold lip. I tend not to go for a smokey eye or anything to heavy as your eyes can get lost behind the frames, especially if you've got large dark frames like mine, and i have a very tiny face which doesn't help. I like to wear a more bold lip when i wear glasses as it stands out, and with this look i went for pink which matches the inside colour of my glasses. Also having a stronger brow can look nice as most of the time the top of your frames will sit just below your brow so they are more noticeable. 

The products i used for this look were:

Mac eyeshadow - Honey lust and Espresso
No7 Eyeliner  - Black
Mac factor volume mascara  - Black
Rimmel london eyebrow pencil - Brown
Rimmel match perfection foundation - Ivory
Mac studio fix concealer - MW15
Rimmel stay matte powder - Translucent
MUA blusher - Marshmallow
Mac lipstick - Impassioned

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Prom Inspiration

Prom is upon us, I have my leavers ball on Wednesday as i have finally finished college and have been let out to the real world, I wanted to share my dress, shoes, makeup, hair and anything else related for anyone who wants ideas for their prom or just a special occasion you might have over the summer. I had a set idea for my dress in my head and i searched high and low in shops and online, finally finding one i loved, and i got some amazing statement heels.

The dress i got online at millybridal which is great website with lots of dresses to chose from with customisable colour, there's even free shipping which is always a great bonus. I went for a short black dress, it has a sweetheart neckline with little capped sleeves, the top part has a lace pattern with a tiered skirt. There are sequins lining the top and bottom of the bodice, and they were on the sleeves too but unfortunately it just looked too much so I sat one afternoon unpicking the thread, they came off easily and didn't damage the dress at all. I think this dress is formal but still says funky as i like to be a little different, and with it being black i will definitely be able to wear this again for a different occasion.

 As for shoes i wanted something that would stand out against my all black dress, that said they are black but they're super gorgeous and i love them, they are from the brand irregular choice they have a nice chunky heel so easy for me to walk in and keep on all night, they're also not too high which is great as I'm quite tall compared to my friends anyway they're open toed with a red orange floral pattern on the side and a bow type accessory on top.

For my makeup, i went for a slightly smokey eye in the greys and black with a bold orange/red lip to match the shoes and hair flower.

 The products I used are:
NO7 eye shadow - Khaki shineMua eyeshadow - Black and cream
No7 felt tip eyeliner - Black
Max factor mega volume mascara - Black
Rimmel london eye brow pencil - Brown
Rimmel london staye matte primer
Mac Pro longwear foundationMac studio finish concealer
Mac studio fix powder
Mua powder blush - Marshmallow
Benefit hoola bronzer
17 stay pout lipstick - Make an entrance

Finally to finish the whole look was my hair, I wanted something off my face so that you could see my makeup and so that it would stay out the way for the whole night, my hair is short anyway so i didn't have to worry about it covering the back as this is a statement of the dress. I saw this look from a youtube tutorial and from the film hunger games, it is prim's hair style at the reaping (For anyone who knows the film). It is a plaited braid on either side, with one side having a bow detail, i then french braided my hair to create the wavy effect and pinned the two plaits at the back with a red and black flower clip to hind any pins and match in the colours with my shoes.


 Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for any upcoming proms or special occasions.
P.s. This blog is being moved over to so further posts will be on both blogs but this one will be gone in a few weeks.


Friday, 6 June 2014

Purple Lipstick - Mac VS H&M

A little while back i had a fancy dress party where i needed a dark purple lipstick, and straight away i went to Mac were i picked up a deep purple colour, i don't wear it often as it is quite dark but recently when being in H&M i walked past the little makeup stand and saw a very gorgeous purple colour so thought id try this one out too, which is what got me here, i wanted to compare the two, its not a colour dupe it's probably more of a product dupe though they are slightly different, as one is matte and one is not. 

The Mac lipstick is in the colour cyber which is a very deep purple, i absolutely love it but definitely better for the winter. This is a satin lipstick so has some shine and moisture to it once applied. I feel this is where it lets the product down, i found it very hard to apply as the colour would smear and not look even on the lip which was the main problem.

The lipstick from H&M was in the colour burgundy which is more of a brighter colour and with a matte finish. This is one of my favourite colours at the moment. I found this a lot easier to apply as it has a bolder colour and you do not need to keep going over to get the colour you require.

Overall i do prefer the H&M lipstick, but for a matte lipstick the wear time on it was not great which may be expected from a cheaper product, You did need to reapply after eating or drinking anything as it comes off easily, i would say more than the Mac lipstick. However at only £3.99 you really can't complain as it is a good lipstick, and definitely will be trying more out. 


Monday, 2 June 2014

Review - Mac Foundation And Powder

I recently purchased a Mac foundation and powder and after using them for a little while i decided to do a review on them for anyone who is interested.

Mac pro longwear foundation - £25
To start i have never bought a high end foundation as i refuse to pay the price, but lately I've just not been happy with any that i have tried to use, the most success i have had is from Rimmel match perfection which i do still occasionally use, So i as pay day happened i thought today will be the day i try a mac foundation as my sister and friend Charlotte said i should.

I had a skin match done and the man was very kind in the shop to help me chose the right shade and foundation, this has a good medium coverage and covers my blemishes well, and is also build able if you're looking for a fuller covered look which is nice for a night out etc. It has matte finish which is something i always go for. Sometimes i find it hard to blend as it is matte but then that's probably just me, but overall it is a great foundation and i would definitely recommend this.

Mac studio fix powder - £21.50
For a very long time i have used the Rimmel stay matte powder as it is a very good high street product, but after getting my makeup done i wanted to try this out as it was amazing. This is a powder and foundation in one, so it says. I use it after applying foundation and concealer, it helps fix all makeup into place whilst keeping the matte finish, as it has a foundation part to it, it is great to take on a day/night out, as you can apply it through out when foundation has started to wear.

For just the powder i would stick to my Rimmel product but as this has a foundation part too i think it is great really does help to cover any blemishes when they start to show through after a long day.


Monday, 26 May 2014

May's Shopping Haul

This weekend was a bank holiday weekend in England so me and some family went on a shopping trip to Southampton, i only had a few things i needed to get for my leavers ball coming up in June, but of course if i was going shopping, i was going to shop well and come back with a few more items than i imagined, i bought some clothes ready for the nice weather, some new make up and few other bits too. 

First stop on the trip was primark as it is super cheap, and i think why buy it somewhere else when you can get it cheaper for a good quality here. I got a green midi skirt which is high waisted and has a flower pattern all over and fully lined underneath so it is not see through, looks really nice for everyday with just a black vest tucked in, or you could easily dress it up for the evening with some lovely nude heels. I got a black and white stripped swing dress, it has very thin thread straps, it hangs well as it is a heavier material. 

These little shorts are really thin material but i loved the bright pattern and will be great for relaxing around the house, but for taking on holiday to get to the beach and such. As well as clothes in primark i also bought a new lampshade as currently i just had a bulb hanging from ceiling, i picked up this paper sphere with a pretty floral pattern all over, as it is a light colour the light shines through really well.

Second stop on the list for clothes was newlook which i picked up a white strapped crop top, it has a cut out flower pattern over the top which is lined underneath with thin straps, this will be great for the summer over maxi skirts or shorts and will show of a good tan. I also couldn't resist the flowered scrunchie which a pale pink and a floral pattern again, it will look cute when wearing my hair but also fits over the top of a bun.

Lastly on the hunt for clothes was H&M where i found a navy blue cardigan, which is very basic but something i was intending to buy as it goes with a lot of things, and easy to put on when it gets a little chilly. Also as a surprise find was a little fitted shirt which is a denim blue colour and white birds on it, having sort sleeves means you wont get too hot in the summer, if England gets any sun, but you could wear with some jeans or even pair it with a nice skirt and wedges for the nicer weather. 

As i can not go anywhere without looking at makeup, i found a lipstick stand and couldn't resist, so i tried a matte purple colour, and it is one of my favourites, it surprised me for the good, the colour is bright, applies easily, and has a good lasting time.

Next was the hunt for some heels to go with my dress for leavers ball which was the actual reason for the shopping trip, i found a pair from the brand, Irregular choice in the shop schuh and fell in love with them as soon as i put them on, i will be doing more of a post on my outfit in another post, but these are very comfy and easy to walk in as they have a thicker heel and don't make me look too tall as i am already about 5'9.

Last but not least was the makeup purchase, i can't go anywhere without hunting down the mac shop or counter and with the new one in Southampton i thought why not, i got the pro longwear foundation which is a medium coverage but can be built up and has a matte finish, as well as the studio fix powder which works as a great setting agent and finishes off the look.


Friday, 16 May 2014

Top 4 Makeup Brushes

Most of my makeup brushes are from the same brands, 3 in-particular which are Mac, Real techniques and Elf, this would have been a post on my top 5 brushes but i couldn't chose between them all for a 5th so kept it at my 4 favourite and most used brushes. Three of them are for eyes and the last is a face brush.

 Mac - 217
I recently just purchased this brush because of how much everyone always talks about it and i love it too, it is really soft so applies eye shadow really well. It works great for blending colours together and softening the edges too. This brush is one of my more expensive ones at £16 as for someone who only works Saturday this is a luxury but i love it and will definitely be trying some different Mac brushes too.

Elf - Crease brush
Firstly this brush is great for its price at only £1.95 so it is super affordable but it works well for a cheaper brand. The quality of the brush is good and works really well for applying eye shadow to the crease to blend out and i also like using this for my inner corner too as it has a smaller head.

Real techniques - Shading brush
This works really well for applying eye shadow all over the lid, with the compact bristles it picks up lots of pigment to give a bold colour. This brush is only £7.99 so not overly expensive, a good price range in between, these are easy to pick up as they're sold in most or all drug stores.

Real techniques - Expert face brush
Again this is a real techniques brush, i think this brand is just great, they're are very consistent with good results, i use this for my foundation and it blends well into the skin not leaving streak marks and at only £9.99 it is a good price.