Friday, 30 August 2013

New Cute Outfit

Hey everyone,

 I have just bought a new outfit, well dress and shoes and I absolutely LOOOOOVVEE it. It's for no special occasion but found some in the high street sales when I was searching and just couldn't resist.

As I am on holiday the last week and this week too, this is going to be a simple post just showing you my outfit. It's super cute and I can't wait to wear it out one night, if I even get invited anywhere :(

I know the photos are basically the same but here is my outfit. A tanned laced floral dress, has three quater length sleeves and a low back to it as well. It is very girly and floaty makes you feel very pretty. The dress was from miss selfridge in the sale but I do not remember the exact price.

I then bought some nude patent heels from the shop Matalan, I think this is only in England, to go with it. They have a squared toe, with a court heel, not too high so they're very comfortable to wear. They were £15, not in the sale I'm afraid.

Sorry for the short post, but I hope you liked my little outfit. Stay tuned for more when I'm home from holiday. xxx

Friday, 23 August 2013

Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hey everyone,

As you may or may not know one of the spring/summer colours this year has been purple and I love this colour, a deep rich purple is great on its own or even to create a smokey eye look. So as I have been wearing this make-up look for ages now I thought I would share it with you too.

It consists of a purple eye, with a basic face make-up with some subtle blush and a pinky/red lip.

To start with my eyes I applied the accessorize purple eye shadow all over the lid and then blended with a blending brush. After I used a black eye liner pencil on the outer corner of my eyes and along my lash line and then blended that into the purple to give a slight smokey look.

 Finally I lined as close to the lash line with the eye liner pencil and applied collection 2000, super size mascara in black, using a couple of coats to give big lashes. Also defining my brows with a brown brow pencil to fill in any gaps.

After my eyes I did my face make-up in the usual way, I used natural collection foundation in the colour porcelain with a real techniques expert face brush, starting from the middle and blending outwards. Then apply natural collection concealer under the eyes, and also any red areas like around the nose and on any blemishes.

To set that all in place  I used No 7 pressed powder in the colour translucent all over the face and then applying a subtle pink blush on to the cheeks with Rimmel match perfection blush.

Finally finishing off the look I wore a pink/red lipstick, however I do not know which make or colour it exactly is as all the writing has rubbed off.

Hope you liked this little tutorial of the make-up I've been wearing a lot lately. Maybe you got some ideas and will re-create you own look similar.

Thankyou for reading, stay tuned for more. xxx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hayley Williams Inspired

Hey everyone,

I have just had my hair cut and coloured, it's very different, a lot shorter and choppier layers as well as being a pretty bright red colour. It was inspired by the front woman of Paramore, Hayley Williams, I have loved her for sooo long now I just couldn't resist.

So for today I thought I would do a Hayley make-up inspired look from when she had red hair, yes it is quite a while ago, but I love this look on her. She is wearing a bright green eye shadow with black eye liner and a red/orange lip.

I have realised that my hair does not look that red at all in these pictures, but it really is rather red. I also changed the look slightly by using the natural colour of my brows and filling them in.

The make-up I used in this look is:
- NYC eyeshadow in a lime green
- Collection pencil eye liner in black
- Natural collection liquid eyeline in black
- Maybelline the falsies mascara
- Natural collection shine away foundation in porcelain
- Natural collection concealer
- No 7 pressed powder
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- MUA lipstick in shade 13

For a little update at the end of this post I have decided to post my blogs once a week every Friday, hopefully. This is to just help give me some structure to it as I am just posting randomly at the moment and with going back to college soon I need to have structure to be able to fit it in with school work.

Thankyou for reading, hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!! xxx

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Face Wash Routine

Hey Hey,

As for today I thought I would share my face wash routine for anyone that is interested, including the products I use like make-up remover and moisturiser. I find it interesting to see what other people use and get hint and tips, its great to share your own preferences so that's exactly what I'm doing.

This is my usual routine at night before I go to bed, if I'm having a lazy day and not wearing any make-up during the day then I would also do this in the morning too.

Start by taking off all my make-up using Garnier eye make-up remover with some cotton wool. It is really nice on the skin, great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin and cleanses the face really well to start.

Then I use the simple triple action face wash, I showed this in my 5 monthly favourites, I recommend this product a lot, I find it really cleanses the skin well and gets rid of any dirt that's left, leaving your face feeling very refreshed afterwards and has also helped to keep spots and blemishes down.

After then drying my face I like to moisturise using Nivea pure and natural day cream, with this cream a little bit goes a long way so you wont be needing a lot, I rub this into my whole face starting from the centre and working my way out. Honestly I have heard people say they do not like this cream, I however like it very much, I think it is totally your preference but I would definitely give this one a go. It really helps to keep my skin looking and feeling very soft and healthy.It has a great scent leaving you feel very fresh.

Finally then using the Witch blemish stick, also shown in in my 5 monthly favourites, I rub this over the areas where I have any blemishes or can feel them appearing, it helps to dry them up quickly and leave you with great skin. It works really fast in about 4 days and leaves you with no marks after.

Hopefully you find this interesting and may even try some of these products yourself. Stay tuned for more very soon. xxx

Monday, 5 August 2013

5 Monthly Favourites

Hey Hey,

As you are all aware, well I hope you are otherwise where have you been these past 5 days, it is now the beginning of august, so for this post today I am going to write about my top 5 beauty and fashion products for July. I have just chosen some things that I have been using a lot this month, and have really liked.

1) Simple, triple action face wash. I have been using this for a long time now, I use it every night after taking all of my make-up off to cleanse my face properly. I suffered from bad skin when I was younger so I'm conscious of it now and like to keep it looking nice, I find this wash to be really refreshing after I've used it and really helps to clean my skin and get rid of any of the dirt left. I can definitely say it has helped my spots and left me with smooth skin as well.

2) Another face product in my top 5, is the Witch, blemish stick. This is a clear stick that you can rub over any areas where you have spots or have some appearing. It helps to dry them up and get rid of them quickly. I used to think, do these things really work or are they a con for your money, but I can honestly say this works, I use it when I have spots appearing and in about 3 days they are almost gone, it doesn't leave you with scars or any marks. It's really cheap and can be picked up from any drug store or supermarket.

3) Collection lipstick in the colour pretty please. This is a lovely pinky orangey colour. I love to wear this every day with quite a simple eye make-up of just mascara and eye liner. It is not too bright but still shows you have colour on your lips. It is quite a glossy lipstick so leaves them looking nice and .... glossy. Really cheap at only £2.99 and can be picked up again from any local drug stores like boots or superdrug in the UK.

4) Number four is an accessories piece, it is a pocket watch necklace, has a butterfly designed face on a long chain, I actually got this from a little market when I went to New York in Easter, I picked it up for about $5 but I'm sure you could pick something up similar in other markets or jewellery shops. It's really great to wear with cute little day dresses, like my denim pinafore I have or just when wearing a top and jeans, it just finishes off the outfit perfectly and also easy to check the time when you need to.

5) For my final favourite of the month, I have chosen a nail varnish I got from the shop H&M in a turquoise colour, This colour is bright and gorgeous for the summer I would wear this with any outfit, I don't tend to match my nail varnish colour with my outfit unless it is a special occasion of course. It is a matte nail polish and lasts really well, I can also say it looks really nice with a sparkly top coat as well.

So that is my 5 top monthly favourites, I hope you enjoyed this and gave you any tips or help for your own products. Stay tuned and I will see you soon. xxx