Friday, 29 November 2013

Super Hero Fancy Dress

This weekends adventure includes a fancy dress birthday party, the theme is super hero's and villain's so that leaves me with a lot of choice. As it is close to Christmas and do not have much money to spend, I wanted a great character but with not having to spend too much money, I also didn't want to be a typical or well known character as a lot of people would think of that. So for my costume I decided to go with Hit girl from the Kickass films. I decided to share this all with everyone to help anyone else who may have a fancy dress party and give you any ideas.

Most of the costume is very simple but some of it is handmade, this is thanks to my mum as she likes a little sewing now and then. Alot of the things I had already so didn't need to spend much. Her main colours are purple and I stuck close to the original outfit as much as I could. The clothes I'm wearing are:

- Primark - purple footless tights
- Black lace Tutu £5 - Picked up from a little stall but could find them in a lot of cheap shops
- Tartan skirt - £2 for half metre of material - hand made
- Pink belt - hand made from ribbon
- Primark - Purple long sleeve top
- Black cape - hand made
- Dr.marten boots - Already had these, Definitely did not go out and buy this specially

Usually hit girl wears a black mask across her eyes, but I didn't really want to do that so I did my make-up all nice instead. I also wanted to dye my hair purple anyway so this added to costume anyway. I'm not going to go through all of the products, but I will say some of the main ones with there colours. 

- MUA eye shadow in purple blended with a black from the outer corner
- ELF cream eyeliner black

Lips - Mac lipstick in the colour cyber

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post, I'm really happy with how the outfit turned out. Leave any comments on your opinion, would really appreciate it (: xxx

Friday, 22 November 2013

Elf Make-up Haul

At the beginning of November, Elf cosmetics celebrated having 20,000 follows on twitter by having a 50% off code to use online, now of course I could not resist and turn down this wonderful opportunity and went a head a bought a few different make-up pieces. I have used all of the products but not all of them enough to give amazing reviews but I still wanted to share the products I have with you.

I got 3 lipsticks, all quite similar colours, of a pinky red colour. At only £1.50 they are an absolute bargain and are really great lipsticks, the pigment is pretty good and lasts quite well too. I would say the darker shades are better lasting but maybe that is to expect.

From left to right the colours are: Gypsy, classy, fearless

Next with my purchases are 2 cream eye products. A cream eyeshadow at £3.75, this is a blue metallic colour which as you can see shows a lot more colour on the skin than when in the pot. It is again quite pigmented and because of the creamy texture you only need to apply a little bit to the eye. Also a cream eyeliner at £3.75 in black which also comes with quite a nice little angles brush to apply it with. 

Colours from left to right: Teal party, black

The last things for this mini haul is powdered blush at £3.75, this is really great and quite subtle so this is really nice to wear on a day to day basis but can definitely be built up to create a darker colour. Finally a lipliner at £1.50, I wear quite a lot of burgundy or dark pinker red colours so I wanted something to wear with these to help keep the lasting time. This works really nice and easy to apply all over the lips.

Colours from left to right: bitter, mellow mauve

The prices shown above are the original prices for if you bought the products now with no offers. But all in all with 50% off I only spent roughly £8.60 which is really great value for great products.


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Weekend Family Adventure

This weekend has been rather busy with a lot of little adventures so I decided to do a little picture blog sharing it with you. Both my brother and sister were home which is a very rare occasions to get us all together now so why not document it with pictures. We had a lovely meal on Saturday, a nice walk on Sunday and even got the tiny children's pool table out that we still own.


Friday, 15 November 2013

Make-up look for £10

I'm 17 in college, with a just a Saturday job, Even though I love my high end make-up brands, sometimes i just can't afford it, but there are some great drug store alternatives that I like just as much. I thought id put this together to show you that you can create a whole make-up look in just about £10.

To start off one of my best products in this is the MUA pallet I have, This costs just £4 and there are some great colours with multi uses. I used the purple colour all over the lids and blended this out with a black in the crease and on the outer corner to smoke it out a little, I then used the creamy shimmer colour on the inner corner of my eyes and it works perfectly. As well as this I used the black eye shadow to line my top lashes.

I used the super size collection 2000 mascara in black, this costs just £2.99 and works really well, making them look long and curled.

Finally for my face I used the natural collection shine away foundation, this is just £1.99 so really great and affordable. As I have oily skin I would normally use a matte foundation, but for a cheaper option I use this, it does help to reduce any shine I get on my skin but it is not really matte like others I use, however I think it works just as great but does not last as long. To the keep this all in place I finished by using the Rimmel stay matte powder for just £3.99.

Hope you liked this little post and I proved that you can have nice make-up and create some good looks with just about £10. I suppose I cheated a little as this does not include the brushes I used, but as for make-up I hope this was useful. xxx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Winged Smokey Eye

Today I wanted to try some of my new make-up from ELF, all of that will be in a post soon along with some reviews, but what better than a little make-up look that maybe you could re-create too. I have tried a blue smokey eye effect with a small winged eye liner, along with a red lip.

For this look the make-up I used was:
- MUA eye shadow, in a light and dark blue and a little black on the outside
- Natural collection cream eye shadow in inner corner
- Elf Black cream eyeliner
- Collection 2000 black supersize mascara
- Maybelline brown brow pencil
- Real techniques shading brush
- Blending brush

- Natural collecton shine away foundation in percelain
- Natural collection concealer
- Rimmel stay matte powder in peach glow
- Rimmel match perfection blush
- Real techniques expert face brush
- QVC blusher brush

- ELF longwear lipliner in bitter
- ELF lipstick in gypsy

Hope you enjoyed xxx

Friday, 1 November 2013

October Haul

The month of October has been and gone, I shouldn't wish the time away, but it means it's getting closer and closer to Christmas and my 18th birthday so I can not wait. But the point of this post is, during October I ended up buying quite a few different products and clothing so I wanted to do a little haul and show you all what I got. Now for saying I am mainly a beauty blogger and love all things make-up, I could not justify spending money on non-essential products last month as some new winter clothes were a must buy for the drop in temperature in the UK.

- Acid wash jeans - £22.99
- Navy blue jeans - £19.99

- Burgundy skirt - £12.99

- Flowered 3/4 length sleeve crop top - £9.99

- H&M nail polish - £2.99

You can probably tell that my two favourite colours this season are burgundy and teal, I absolutely love them. Hope you enjoyed xxx