Friday, 16 May 2014

Top 4 Makeup Brushes

Most of my makeup brushes are from the same brands, 3 in-particular which are Mac, Real techniques and Elf, this would have been a post on my top 5 brushes but i couldn't chose between them all for a 5th so kept it at my 4 favourite and most used brushes. Three of them are for eyes and the last is a face brush.

 Mac - 217
I recently just purchased this brush because of how much everyone always talks about it and i love it too, it is really soft so applies eye shadow really well. It works great for blending colours together and softening the edges too. This brush is one of my more expensive ones at £16 as for someone who only works Saturday this is a luxury but i love it and will definitely be trying some different Mac brushes too.

Elf - Crease brush
Firstly this brush is great for its price at only £1.95 so it is super affordable but it works well for a cheaper brand. The quality of the brush is good and works really well for applying eye shadow to the crease to blend out and i also like using this for my inner corner too as it has a smaller head.

Real techniques - Shading brush
This works really well for applying eye shadow all over the lid, with the compact bristles it picks up lots of pigment to give a bold colour. This brush is only £7.99 so not overly expensive, a good price range in between, these are easy to pick up as they're sold in most or all drug stores.

Real techniques - Expert face brush
Again this is a real techniques brush, i think this brand is just great, they're are very consistent with good results, i use this for my foundation and it blends well into the skin not leaving streak marks and at only £9.99 it is a good price.


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