Friday, 27 September 2013

OOTD - Paramore concert

Yes I went to a Paramore concert this week, and I will say it was amazing. I have loved them for so long but this was the first time I had ever seen them live, and it was the best night of my life. Hayley and the rest of the band are amazing live, they sound just as good and can really get a crowd going, I wish I could have stayed forever. Besides the point of me going and it being great, I wanted to share my outfit and make-up for the night as I thought it was really cute and maybe you'd like it too.

For my outfit I wore a black and white checked high waisted skirt, this was from new look, but was purchased a long time ago so won't be in stock any more, however I'm sure you can find similar styles of this in places like H&M and Newlook still. I then paired this with a cute green crop top with the word 'Boffin' printed on the front, I would not normally wear a top like this but this is a family joke so I couldn't resist buying it. Finally wearing black patent Dr.Marten boots to finish off the outfit, this gave my girly outfit that little bit of rock style I love and of course, I get my inspiration from Hayley.

During the concert I also purchased one of the Paramore tour tops, in a green colour so I wore this over the top of my outfit for most of the night too.

Above are photos showing my makeup that night. I wore a slightly winged black eye , using natural collection liquid liner, follow by coating my lashes with Maybelline the falsies mascara. For my eye brows I filled them in a little with a pencil and used the new Maybelline brow drama mascara. I also highlighted just on the brow bone with a little cream eyeshadow.

For my face make-up I'm wearing No7 beautifully matte foundation, blended from the middle outwards, then using Natural collection concealer I put a little under my eyes and then on any red areas, mainly around the nose and bridge of the nose. I used Rimmel stay matte powder and then applied Rimmel Blush and blended out lightly to keep it just a subtle  pink colour. Finally for my lips I wore collection 2000 lipstick in the colour sugar plum, this is actually less pink than it looks in the picture but my lighting changes the colour.

Hope you enjoy this post, and watch out for the next one. xxx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Beautifully Matte And BabyLips

After stopping by a boots store when I had some time to spare, I ended up buying a couple of new make-up products. One of those is the No7 beautifully matte foundation, and the second is, of course the Maybelline baby lips lip balm, if I'm honest I did not know about these and their big hype till a little while ago, but yes I joined the band wagon and bought a couple as I just couldn't resist. So for today I thought id review both products.

My first product is the No7 beautifully matte foundation, I really like this product and is one of the best foundations I have used. It is very matte but I suppose you should expect that really, this was something that I was really looking for as I have oily skin and this helps a lot. The packing says it will keep your skin shine free for up to 14 hours, personally I don't think that is true at all, but it does last me for a whole school day which in total is about a good 9 hours, I will always carry powder with me anyway to touch up if I do start to shine. It has a medium to full coverage so I don't tend to put a lot on, I use about 2 pumps for my whole face and a little down my neck to blend in.

I got this in the colour Deeply ivory which was colour matched to my skin in the shop, I do have a tan at the moment so it maybe a little too dark in the future but is greatly matched for now, I was told to mix with a little moisturiser if it needed lightening later on. I think this product blends fairly well, however due to how matte it is, it can feel a little heavy on the skin so I may not wear this on an everyday basis but for evenings out and special occasions it is great

So overall I do really like this product and would definitely recommend it, and at only £13 it is something most people can afford without breaking the bank or can easily save up for quickly.

My second product is the Maybelline Baby lips lip balm, which I mentioned earlier I joined the band wagon of everyone else and just couldn't resist buying two. Overall they're just basic lip balms and keep your lips from cracking, yes you can get the same quality for a cheaper price, but personally I just think they look cute with a great packaging and they have a very great scent. I got one with more pigment which is Cherry me and a plane moisturising one to see the difference, in the quality of product there really is no difference, but if you want something with a little colour I would definitely chose Cherry me as it does leave a tint of  pink stain on your lips and looks great for everyday, or can even try another pigmented colour.

Have you tried any of these products and how would you rate them? Would love to hear others opinions. xxx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

OOTD - Aztec dress and heels

After going out for a meal last night, I decided to show you my outfit and the make-up I wore as this is one of my favourites, though I think most of my clothes are my favourite. I went out for a meal for a friends birthday, only to a cute little village pub, but was really nice evening and I love getting all dressed up to go out.

So my whole outfit was bought from newlook and consisted of:
- Bodycon dress with a colourful aztec print
- Black laced cardigan with flowered pattern
- Black brogue shoes with small court heel 

My make-up and hair before I went out.

My make-up after I got back, everything stayed on really well, hair back off my face to see whole make-up look.

The products i wore for this were:
- No7 beautifully matte foundation
- Natural collection concealer
- Natural collection brown eye shadow as a base for eyelids
- Natural collection liquid eye liner
- Maybelline the falsies black mascara
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- Collection 2000 bronzer
- No7 blush, blended out with my powder brush to lighten colour
- Collection 2000 lipstick in colour grape glitz

This was just a simple post showing my outfit which was really comfy and I loved wearing it, and also my make-up too which I love to experiment and try new products. Have you used any of the products I use or recommend any similar? xxx

Friday, 13 September 2013

Summer Holiday

Hey everyone,

Yes I mainly post beauty and fashion blogs, that what I love to do, but I've been back for a week now off my summer holiday with the family, and would really love to share my holiday with you. I went with just my mum and dad to Paphos in Cyprus. The weather was beautiful and I took some lovely photos and thought it would be nice to share with the world. I had a great time even though all that really went on was some relaxing by the pool, beach and a few fun things in between.

So I hope you still take a look, and enjoy.

The animals of the holiday.

The beautiful hotel, pool, and view from my balcony.

The marina and beach (most of the beaches are coves, and have grassy areas not sand, I prefer this a lot more, as sand gets EVERYWHERE)

The fun stuff, jet ski ride, water sport ride with the father, lilo fun with mum.

Finally, some of my favourite outfits from the 2 weeks.

- Long black skirt from matalan (top left)
- Black and white vest crop top from new look (top left)
- Navy shorts from new look (top right)
- Burgundy owl print top from primark (top right)

- Cream lace skirt from H&M
- Purple crop top from Republic

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Red hair dye

Hey everyone,

I have some spur of motivation to write a post today, I've been thinking about it all day, and thought why not. I dyed my hair again last night, so thought what better to post than my hair tutorial I suppose, the dye I use, my routine and hair products e.t.c.

For dying my hair I do usually go to the hairdressers and get it done professionally but at £50 a time, that adds up and is pretty expensive, so as I needed to even out my hair colour again after it faded on holiday I brought a dye myself and got my friend to do it for me. I bought the schwarzkopf XXL live colour in real red, which is a permanent hair dye, and at only £5 a box from my local drug store this was such a cheap alternative to going to the hairdressers.

The colour worked really well and took all over, as I have had problems with my ends before. It didn't come out as bright a red as it said on the box but that is mainly because of my original colour I was covering, mine was a lot darker than recommended but already had red in it. It was mainly used to brighten my colour at the time and even the fading out, which it did amazingly, but would not complain about the overall shade of red, still pretty bright if it's your first try of going this colour.

As for my actual hair routine for everyday, I wash my hair with colour treated shampoo's and conditioner's, the actual brand I use can change, but two I have used a lot of and have had good results is the treseme brand, and also Aussie. These have helped to keep the colour for a little longer than normal, as red hair is prone to fade very quickly. After washing my hair I blow dry my fringe down in place and then blast the rest of my hair not worrying too much as I have many layers.

I use two main styling product on my hair and they are the VO5 give me texture styling spray, this just helps to give my hair a little messy look and separate my layers out a bit so that it is not completely flat and straight. I then use the VO5 strong hold hair spray. This is mainly for my fringe to keep that it place but also a little sprayed all over to keep my hair in place giving it that messy look and feel.

I hope you have liked the post for today and get any ideas for yourself for a similar style or any of the products I use, I would highly recommend any of them. I have my usual Friday post still coming so watch out for that, and hope your enjoyed. xxx

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Back to school make-up

Hey Everyone,

School has now officially started for most people, unless you start back on Monday of course, But it started on Friday for me and I thought what better to post than a back to school make-up look of what I wore.

Eye make-up:
- Mac eyeshadow in the colour gleam
- Collection 2000 supersize mascara in black
- Eye brow pencil in light brown

Face make-up:
- Natural collection foundation in porcelain (I only used a small amount of this as been on holiday recently and don't need much at all)
- Natural collection concealer (for under eyes mainly and my slightly burnt nose :( )
- No7 pressed powder
- No7 Bronzer (to make my face look more naturally tanned as my chest and neck is well tanned)
- Rimmel match perfection blush (blended out to give a slight hint of pink, nothing to strong)

- Real techniques expert face brush (for foundation)
- Simple eye shadow applicator
- QVS powder brush
- QVS retractable brush (Used for blusher and bronzer)

For this make-up look I left my lips looking completely natural just using lip balm through out the day to keep them moisturised. I hope you like this look and give you any tips or ideas to re-create your own similar make-up. If you do re-create this and try anything similar please tweet me the picture or instagram it and tag me in it, would love to see them. 

Stay tuned for the next post. Much love to everyone xxx