About me

My name is yasmin, I'm 17 years old. Still in college and hopefully heading to university.

I'm a true girl at heart who loves fashion, makeup, cute pets, fluffy toys, chick flicks and summer. But every girl has that side that just doesn't care what other people think, like wearing my comfy clothes and playing Xbox for the night.

I have some of the best friends in the world who I know we will never lose touch, even when we go our separate ways to university. Along with a very loving and supportive family in what ever I chose to do.

You may be thinking, or maybe not, where does thinktothefuture come from, I came to my little quote 'Think to the future' when I realised that even when you're sad, upset, down or angry there will always be something good around the corner, you just have to think and dream of what you can do in the future and have that goal.

So now my blog is here for me to express myself in this way, to share my love for beauty, fashion and art. Im no professional at anything but would love to share my own opinions and tips with the world.

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