Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Costume

It's Halloween tonight, If you didn't know that where have you been, But you are never to old to dress up so I decided to create my own little outfit and share it with all of you, It is probably slightly late as most people would be out by now if you're in the uk, but enjoy anyway. I dressed up as a witch because that was the best things I could find in my house... It was either that or tinkerbell, and as much as I love tinkerbell, She's not very scary for Halloween.

- Black dress - H&M
- Black suede brogue heels - Newlook
- Witches hat
- Witches broom
- Purple spotted fake lashes - Poundland (not best quality at all) 

Hope you enjoyed this post, have a great Halloween and I shall leave you with a picture of my pumpkin I carved out. xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

OOTD - Monochrome

Yesterday I braved it outside after the terrible storm we had in England. Well It was the worst the UK have had it for a long time anyway. There was a Lot of destruction done over the whole country, but luckily for me, nothing was too damaged around my town and village so I managed to make it out and spend a day in town with my family. As for my life story of yesterday I wanted to share this cute little outfit I put together.

I have just realised when writing about this, that my whole outfit is from newlook woops, Just shows how affordable it is, and the fact it was the only decent shop in my town for ages. But my outfit consists of:

- Plain black tights - £2.99
- Hight top converse - £55.00

Hope you liked My outfit of the day xxx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Eyebrow Mayhem

Most people will fill in their eyebrows on a day to day basis, make them fuller, change the shape slightly. Me however, I have to create my eyebrows everyday. As of summer I began to realise my eyebrows were getting thinner and thinner, Until I realised the ends of my eyebrows were almost gone. I came to the conclusion that without even realising at all, I was picking at them, probably due to stress, And now as a result, it is a very slow process growing them back. So for today I thought I would share with you my daily routine of my make-up for my eyebrows.

It is not a very complicated or long process but I use the light matte brown colour in my MUA palette, Sorry but I do not know the name of the colour, and a Revlon angled brush to use as a base colour and get the shape right, Before then using Rimmel eyebrow pencil to darken it and fill in the rest. 



Friday, 18 October 2013

NOTD - Purple Matte

This season I have been loving everything matte, the no7 beautifully matte foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder, and of course to top this off, matte nails. So for this short little post I'm going to share with you my nails at the moment. As much as I love burgundy for autumn, the closest kind of colour I had, was a deep purple colour that I thought I would wear, I then topped this with a matte top coat to create the effect.

-Natural collection in cosmic crush
-NYC matte me crazy top coat

Hope you enjoyed this little post. xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Autumn make-up

Autumn is here with the cold, rain and those dark mornings everyone dreads, so I have decided to create this autumn look. This is something I would wear out for an evening look, or for everyday, I would pair the eyes with just some lip gloss/stain. With autumn I love deep burgundy colours as well as neutral warm brown colours. So for this look I created a warm brown glittery eye, a slight blush on the cheeks, and a deep burgundy lip.

- MUA pallete
- black eye pencil
- Maybelline the falsies mascara
- maybelline eye brow pencil

- Collection lipstick (do not have the colour name unfortunately)

Hope you enjoyed, What are some of your favourite autumn colours? xxx

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oil Painting Project

I am taking art as an A level in college and one of our projects at the moment is leaning how to oil paint, the techniques used etc. For someone that does not paint, ever, I mean my teacher worries when I pick up a paint brush, this project terrified me, but as I have now started I have grown to like it just a little bit, so I thought this would be a good idea to record my progress and share the stages with anyone else who'd like to learn to oil paint too.

I had to chose a painting by an artist already to copy as it is a lot easier to learn that way due to the stages you paint in. I decided to chose a painting of a log cabin in the woods as it slightly linked to my previous drawings done for the course.

For the first stages I did a wash of very watered down acrylic paint of the colour burnt sienna, this makes it easier to pick out the highlights in the painting as you are then not staring at a plain white canvas. This was done in acrylic because it just dries in seconds where as oils will take a long time. I then drew a very basic outline of the painting over the top.

The next stage was to bring out any of highlights and white areas, for this I used just white oil paint and turpentine to water it down, just like how you'd  use water for water paints or acrylic, you have to use turpentine for oil paints. this is just a thin layer and can still see the lines underneath.

After bringing all the highlights out you can then start to add in the black for darker areas and blend together. Again this is done using black oil paint and turpentine still as just a thin layer. For this I used pure black paint but if this scares you and want something less dark I would recommend using paynes grey instead.

Finally I have finished what is the first layer of a grisaille, which is just a monochrome version of the painting. Mine is still a very thin layer at the moment, but I will then go on to thicken this up before I start to add any colour.

Friday, 11 October 2013

What's In My Make-up Bag?

Recently I have been travelling quite a lot lately, whether it has been holidays, short weekends away, or just a night at a friends, and because of this I've had to pack up my essential make-up in my bag and just carry the bare necessities (Jungle book reference ;) So for today I thought id share what those essentials are, and maybe you have the same too or could recommend any to me.

To start with my actual make-up bag I have this cute white and pink flowered bag from Cath Kidston, it's not massive but it is perfect size to put in your travel bag to take away and still be able to fit all your things in, It's a nice wipe clean material so easy enough to get rid of any mess.

For my eyes, I always take the MUA palette, there a great range of colours, from nudes to bright blue, with great matte colours for brow and highlighting, as well as shimmers for a night out depending on the eye look I'm wearing. The Maybelline the falsies mascara is always a must have, I use it every day at home, so couldn't leave with out it. I will take 2 eye liners one pencil from Collection and my liquid eye liner from natural collection. Finally is an eye brow pencil, my favourite one at the moment is from Rimmel, and I will carry this everywhere because it's always good to fill in your brows.

For the face I take 4 main products, the foundation is No7 beautifully matte foundation, this is the best I've tried so far and with a great finish and long lasting it's great for every occasion. I always have natural collection concealer, just in case of those dark circles under my eyes, (from any late nights) or if any blemishes appear. To set all of this I take the Rimmel stay matte powder and as well as that to add a little colour to the cheeks I use the Rimmel match perfection blush. 

To top off the make-up look you can't leave without a few lipsticks, my 3 favourite at the moment are mac in impassioned, collection in and also . Three completely different colours to work well with any kinda of eye look. I then also take a lip balm which I have been in love with the Babylips from maybelline, they're great to add a little colour or just to use as moisturiser.

Finally to apply all this makeup i have 4 essential make-up brushes, real techniques expert face brush for foundation, real techniques eye shadow brush, as well as a blending brush, and a QVS powder brush for blush and powder.

Thanks for reading and leave me a comment saying what some of your essentials are? xxx

Friday, 4 October 2013

Winter Wardrobe

As winter is close and weather is getting much colder, I've realised my winter wardrobe is not the best, so I thought I would put together a few different things to show what I'm liking at the moment and what I may buy to add to my winter collection. There are 3 different groups, coats, jumpers and warm leggings too.

I have not changed my coat in about 2 years as I don't really like wearing one, but as my parents keep moaning that I should get one I decided to have a search. This search was very hard as I am one for being very picky on the type of coat I want. In the end I found 4 that I don't mind too much, and for reasonable prices in high street shops too.

Jumpers are another thing that is low in my wardrobe, So I searched for a few different knitted jumpers that I can put on to go with jeans or skirts and layer up underneath to keep me warm. I found some great Christmas ones with designs on the front and some nice plain ones too.

Lastly I decided to look for some leggings, I have really got back into wearing these in the winter as they are great for keeping you warm with skirts or shorts if you don't want to wear jeans. I prefer things with patterns rather than plain colours so I found 4 different pairs each with a great pattern and some colour.

Do you fancy any of these yourself, or have you got anything different to show ? xxx