Friday, 31 January 2014

College VS Work

Now I knew I looked different from when i go to college and when I'm at work, i mean most people dress differently when you're not at work, but i didn't realise i looked that different my own colleagues wouldn't recognise me, i had to pop into work one day after i finished college and as i walked into the shop my colleague didn't take any notice who i was, till i said hi to her and she was surprised how different i looked, so i thought id share my two different looks with you all as i found this rather interesting. 

This is a typical college look, i normally wear my everyday face routine with a bit of a brighter blush and sometimes a bright lipstick like this. My eye make-up is normally a shimmer gold colour blended out with brown, but as i wear glasses whilst at college for reading you don't normally notice it as much.

My hair is normally down with my fringe swept across, or sometimes i will clip my fringe back if i don't have much time left.

This is then a typical work look for Saturday, I make my self presentable obviously as i work in a shop but i use much more neutral colours, for example just a cream eye shadow with black liner, a subtle pink blush to add some colour to my cheeks, and either this nude lipstick or a pink lip gloss.

I usually wear my hair up in a bun like this as it's quick and easy to do if I'm in a rush, and it keeps it off my face while working all day.

After looking at both looks next to each other i can see the difference, but i think it's interesting how slightly different make-up and a hair style can change your whole look, i suppose that is the point to some extent though. Hope you enjoyed this little post, and let me know of any similar stories if you have any ? 

Thursday, 30 January 2014

OOTD - Ready In Red

I had longer to get ready for college today, so that means I can actually take my time doing my make-up and choosing an outfit, I'm not rushing around thinking ill just throw on some jeans and a casual top whilst running out the door at 7am. So i made an effort i suppose, and i thought id share my outfit as it was really cute and i really liked it today.

Black tights - Primark 
*these items were bought a while back and not in store anymore so the link is something very similar as an alternative.

This was the make-up look i paired with it which i will be doing a post on soon.

Hope you enjoyed this short little post.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Lipstick And Lip Liner!!

I love any lipstick, lip gloss e.t.c and i have so many i just think it finishes off any look. However i realised I only own one lip liner which surprised me. So having buying one from elf I wanted to do a little review as I love it.

I haven't tried any other lip pencils so I can't compare them, and I cant say this is the best ever but what I will say is I love it and i think it works great. The colour is a pink/burgundy colour which goes great with lots of my lipsticks I own as I am a very burgundy kind of girl. I also didn't realise how well they keep lipsticks on. I use this all over the lip as a sort of base colour and it really helps to keep the colour on longer than just wearing lipstick on it's own. I have worn this for college and it helps keep for the whole day with just a little wear from eating and drinking. I definitely need to invest in a few other to go with different colour lipsticks i have like purple and light pinks, and will be trying out some different brands too, to see the differences between them.

These are a few different colour tests with the same liner and different lipsticks. The liner is from elf in the colour bitter.

Mac - Impassioned

Elf - Gypsy

Collection 2000

Leave any comments of liners or lipsticks you would recommend? xxx

Sunday, 19 January 2014

How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I have seen a number of different people do this type of tag, and as I went out this weekend after completing my makeup I got wandering on how much does my face actually cost for a night out. So yes i decided to join the club and do this tag too.

- Mac eye shadow - honey lust and espresso - £20
- Elf cream eye liner - black - £3.75
- No7 mascara - black - £12.95

- Seventeen matte primer - £4.99
- No7 beautifully matte foundation - Warm Ivory - £12.95
- Collection 2000 concealer - £4.19
- Mac studio finish concealer - NW15 - £15
- Rimmel stay matte powder - Peach glow - £3.99
- Seventeen instant glow bronzer - £4.99
- Elf powder blush - £3.75

- Seventeen stay pout lipstick - make an entrance - £4.49

Total - £91.05

I am quite shocked on this result as I know it could be a lot better, but I have seen others which are more, so doesn't make me feel too bad. Also this is not what I would wear every day, this is normally for a night out or if i'm feeling fancy for the day. 

I would love to do this again once i have started university in September as I know I wont be earning money or at least, not as much and will definitely have to cut down on the make-up spending to be able to feed myself and live.

Hope this is slightly interesting and maybe you should work out how much YOUR face costs.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

MOTD - Glittery Gold

This make-up look I have been wearing a lot lately, I think it is great for an everyday look with quite a subtle or neutral lip, but I also love dressing it up for a night out which is what i'm going to show you.

- Mac eye shadow - Honey lust - eyelid
- Mac eye shadow - Espresso - Outer corner and crease
- No7 stay precise liner - Black
- Maybelline the falsies mascara - Black

- Seventeen matte primer
- No7 Beautifully matte foundation - Warm Ivory
- Collection 2000 concealer
- Mac studio finish concealer - NW15
- Seventeen Instant glow bronzer
- Elf powder blush
- Mac eye shadow - Espresso - Eyebrows
- Rimmel stay matte powder - Peach Glow

- Elf lip liner - Bitter
- Mac Lipstick - Impassioned

- Real techniques expert face brush
- Real techniques shading brush
- Elf bronzer brush
- Elf eye crease brush
- QVC powder brush
- QVC lip brush


Friday, 10 January 2014

New Years Trip To Barcelona!!

This New Years I went on a lovely trip to Barcelona with my sister to visit a couple of her friends so I took lots of photos and wanted to share some of them here. It's rather long as I had a lot of photos and it was hard to narrow them down, but these are all some of the main places we went and few fun ones in between.

Ending on the biggest vending machine I have ever seen!!