Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Shopping Haul

Hey Hey,

So lately over the past week I have had two different little shopping sprees, one from my trip to London, and the second in Bournemouth. I thought it would interesting to do a haul of all my buys, hopefully you will enjoy that, and will give you a few ideas and hints for outfits yourself. It's going to be split into 3 sections, clothes, make-up and other bits and bobs (:

For my clothes, In primark I bought a pair of skinny pin stripped ankle grazers, these are in a turquoise minty colour, I love these because they're quite a stretchy Jean material so super comfy to wear and great for everyday, the colour is amazing and really good to pair with other things, they are also just a perfect fit for me. Also from primark I got a denim pinafore dress, it's really cute, great for everyday wear and the length is really good as it is not too short. As well as a plain white t-shirt and a black vest top. Their basic range is really great as it is super cheap and the quality is not too bad, I always pick up plain vest tops here as it doesn't matter too much if they get ruined and need replacing in a few months time.

From New-look I got just a plain red crop top, this is to wear underneath the dress, the colour is really bright for summer and stands out underneath the denim, its a stretchy material so fits tight to your body. I also got a lilac purple crop top from republic to wear underneath the dress, the front is a normal round neck top, but the back is cute as it goes up into a bow at the back.

In a little shop called pull and bear, I bought the giraffe tee, I love anything giraffe so when I saw this I had to buy it, it is great for everyday wear and will go perfectly with my new jeans. This shop is great and I love it, I don't know many people who know about it, but would recommend it to anyone, it is pretty affordable prices too (this is always a plus).

My make-up purchases used up quite a lot of my money, but it was all worth it, for my cheapest buy I got a new make-up and travel bag from primark for only £4, the colour is really pretty with a nice little pattern on it. As for actual make-up, from MAC I got a new lipstick, in the colour impassioned, shown on the look in my previous post, it is a bright pink colour, lasts for a good amount of time and has a shine to it. Also from MAC I got an eye shadow in the colour gleam, it is a bronze colour with shimmer, its a really subtle colour but great for all over the eye lid for everyday wear if you want something which is quite neutral.

Also for make-up I bought two new brushes, both from the make real techniques, I got the expert face brush and the shading brush, they're really soft brushes so nice and gentle on the skin, the expert face brush is great for applying my foundation, it helps blend it into the skin really well. Would highly recommend these to anyone.

To finally finish this post (sorry if it is rather long) is my other bits and bobs, which really only is one other thing, I actually ordered this on-line but thought I would show you anyway. I have an olloclip lens for my iPhone, it is a three in one lens with a wide angle, fish eye and macro. It is a really good product, works well and comes out with some great final pieces. Down below will be a few images to show you and end this post.

 Hope you enjoyed this post xxx

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