Monday, 5 August 2013

5 Monthly Favourites

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As you are all aware, well I hope you are otherwise where have you been these past 5 days, it is now the beginning of august, so for this post today I am going to write about my top 5 beauty and fashion products for July. I have just chosen some things that I have been using a lot this month, and have really liked.

1) Simple, triple action face wash. I have been using this for a long time now, I use it every night after taking all of my make-up off to cleanse my face properly. I suffered from bad skin when I was younger so I'm conscious of it now and like to keep it looking nice, I find this wash to be really refreshing after I've used it and really helps to clean my skin and get rid of any of the dirt left. I can definitely say it has helped my spots and left me with smooth skin as well.

2) Another face product in my top 5, is the Witch, blemish stick. This is a clear stick that you can rub over any areas where you have spots or have some appearing. It helps to dry them up and get rid of them quickly. I used to think, do these things really work or are they a con for your money, but I can honestly say this works, I use it when I have spots appearing and in about 3 days they are almost gone, it doesn't leave you with scars or any marks. It's really cheap and can be picked up from any drug store or supermarket.

3) Collection lipstick in the colour pretty please. This is a lovely pinky orangey colour. I love to wear this every day with quite a simple eye make-up of just mascara and eye liner. It is not too bright but still shows you have colour on your lips. It is quite a glossy lipstick so leaves them looking nice and .... glossy. Really cheap at only £2.99 and can be picked up again from any local drug stores like boots or superdrug in the UK.

4) Number four is an accessories piece, it is a pocket watch necklace, has a butterfly designed face on a long chain, I actually got this from a little market when I went to New York in Easter, I picked it up for about $5 but I'm sure you could pick something up similar in other markets or jewellery shops. It's really great to wear with cute little day dresses, like my denim pinafore I have or just when wearing a top and jeans, it just finishes off the outfit perfectly and also easy to check the time when you need to.

5) For my final favourite of the month, I have chosen a nail varnish I got from the shop H&M in a turquoise colour, This colour is bright and gorgeous for the summer I would wear this with any outfit, I don't tend to match my nail varnish colour with my outfit unless it is a special occasion of course. It is a matte nail polish and lasts really well, I can also say it looks really nice with a sparkly top coat as well.

So that is my 5 top monthly favourites, I hope you enjoyed this and gave you any tips or help for your own products. Stay tuned and I will see you soon. xxx

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