Friday, 15 November 2013

Make-up look for £10

I'm 17 in college, with a just a Saturday job, Even though I love my high end make-up brands, sometimes i just can't afford it, but there are some great drug store alternatives that I like just as much. I thought id put this together to show you that you can create a whole make-up look in just about £10.

To start off one of my best products in this is the MUA pallet I have, This costs just £4 and there are some great colours with multi uses. I used the purple colour all over the lids and blended this out with a black in the crease and on the outer corner to smoke it out a little, I then used the creamy shimmer colour on the inner corner of my eyes and it works perfectly. As well as this I used the black eye shadow to line my top lashes.

I used the super size collection 2000 mascara in black, this costs just £2.99 and works really well, making them look long and curled.

Finally for my face I used the natural collection shine away foundation, this is just £1.99 so really great and affordable. As I have oily skin I would normally use a matte foundation, but for a cheaper option I use this, it does help to reduce any shine I get on my skin but it is not really matte like others I use, however I think it works just as great but does not last as long. To the keep this all in place I finished by using the Rimmel stay matte powder for just £3.99.

Hope you liked this little post and I proved that you can have nice make-up and create some good looks with just about £10. I suppose I cheated a little as this does not include the brushes I used, but as for make-up I hope this was useful. xxx

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