Friday, 25 April 2014

DIY - Bow Jumper

This is a new little thing that I'm thinking about starting, DIY posts maybe once every two weeks. I know lots of people do this already and this post in particular i got inspired by Marzia as i have re-designed my jumper and added bows to the back.

You will need: 
- An old jumper
- Pieces of ribbon
- Needle and thread
- scissors

To start of with i tied all my pieces of ribbon into little bows, you could make them as a big as you wanted and any colour you liked, i chose white to match my jumper but you could chose a contrast colour to make it stand out.

I then sorted where i would put the bows on the back of the jumper and mark out how long the cut will be with tailors chalk, but you could use a pencil, and then cut with scissors.

For this next part i used a sewing machine as it was quicker but you could do it by hand if you preferred, i turned the jumper inside out and folded each side of the cut back and sewed it to make a hem and stop the jumper from fraying.

Then with a needle and thread, i chose white thread to make it as invisible as possible on the jumper, I sowed the bows down the back of jumper bringing the whole together in even intervals.

With this jumper the sleeves where too tight so i cut a small slit up from the wrist and rolled it up and hand sewed on the seem to keep it together, this help open the sleeve and make it a little different.


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