Monday, 7 April 2014

Tanya Burr's Lips And Nails

I finally managed to purchase some of Tanya Burr's lip glosses and nail varnishes, and just by using them for a day i already fell in love with them. I only purchased 2 of each but i will definitely be buying more.

In the lip glosses, i bought exotic island which is a bright pink/purple and i love it, I was slightly scared it would come out a lot brighter on the lip than it does, but i'm rather glad it doesn't, its a beautiful pink tone with lots of shine. The second was Champagne toast, its a really neutral colour with a little bit of sparkle and shine, great for everyday if you want to wear something but without standing out. The lip gloss itself are amazing, they have a great consistency of not being to sticky or runny, the applicator is lovely and soft making its easy to apply.

The nail polishes i bought are bright and early, a pink coral, great for spring to add a pop of colour to any outfit. Then midnight sparkle which is a deep black purple colour, it has a slight sparkle in which can be seen if it catches the light sometimes, would look great for an evening look. The nail polishes apply easily without being to gloopy or runny, i feel you probably need two coats to make it opaque but i do this with most anyway, the colours are left bold when dried. The only thing i would prefer is if the brush is a little bigger, but that's only a preference, it doesn't fault the nail polish one bit.

Hope you enjoyed and i would love to hear your comments down below.

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