Monday, 28 April 2014

Favourite April Products

At the beginning of April and during Easter we had some lovely weather and i really started to feel ready for when summer would be here and all my exams would be finished, now unfortunately i'm back at college and all it has done is rain, but during this month i have had lots of new favourite products that i wanted to share. I've tried to chose one from each area such as an eye shadow, a lipstick e.t.c.


Mac eye shadow - Steamy
To start this eye shadow is the most amazing colour, if applied lightly it gives just a subtle green but can be layered to create a lovely metallic green colour, I love this colour at the moment for nicer weather. This has a frost finish so it has a metallic sheen to it and a slight shimmer.

Tanya Burr lip gloss - Exotic island
I wanted to buy some of Tanya Burrs new products and this was the one i ordered but was quite worried as it looks very bright, however it is my favourite, when applied it really isn't as bright as you may think, it is a lovely pink tone, has a glossy shine but it is not too sticky and applies really well with the applicator.

Collection 2000 lipstick - Pretty please
This lipstick i have had for ages and every so often it still comes out, but with this great weather its my favourite at the moment, the colour is a pink coral, not too bright so great for everyday and is perfect for the sun, It applies really well to the lips but would need re-applying through out the day.

Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish - Fifty shades of pink
This nail varnish i actually got for free on an offer, and from the name i though pink, no, i don't like pink but who would turn down a free bargain, when actually I love this colour, It's not too pink at all, its a lovely deep pink/red. I have lots of this brand and they really do dry quickly and they are really easy to take off after too.

Marc Jacobs perfume - Honey
This perfume is by far my favourite for a while, i got this as a christmas present and have been using it since and still love it, It has a sweet scent which is nice and the packaging is just very cute with the bees.

Witch hazel blemish gel
This is non makeup related but i wanted to put it in there none the less as it is a great product, I suffered from a mild acne and been on medication but now i have started to get it again across my chin and cheeks so i picked up this and it has been working, it obviously hasn't got rid of it but this is a clear jel I apply every night to troubled areas and it helps to dry it and reduce it.



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