Friday, 30 August 2013

New Cute Outfit

Hey everyone,

 I have just bought a new outfit, well dress and shoes and I absolutely LOOOOOVVEE it. It's for no special occasion but found some in the high street sales when I was searching and just couldn't resist.

As I am on holiday the last week and this week too, this is going to be a simple post just showing you my outfit. It's super cute and I can't wait to wear it out one night, if I even get invited anywhere :(

I know the photos are basically the same but here is my outfit. A tanned laced floral dress, has three quater length sleeves and a low back to it as well. It is very girly and floaty makes you feel very pretty. The dress was from miss selfridge in the sale but I do not remember the exact price.

I then bought some nude patent heels from the shop Matalan, I think this is only in England, to go with it. They have a squared toe, with a court heel, not too high so they're very comfortable to wear. They were £15, not in the sale I'm afraid.

Sorry for the short post, but I hope you liked my little outfit. Stay tuned for more when I'm home from holiday. xxx


  1. Lovely outfit you have really good long legs ... jealous!!

    Carrieanne x

    1. Awwwh thankyou very much, but no need to be jealous, everyone's great how they are (: xx

  2. That's such a cute dress, would love to see how the back looks like too!