Friday, 24 January 2014

Lipstick And Lip Liner!!

I love any lipstick, lip gloss e.t.c and i have so many i just think it finishes off any look. However i realised I only own one lip liner which surprised me. So having buying one from elf I wanted to do a little review as I love it.

I haven't tried any other lip pencils so I can't compare them, and I cant say this is the best ever but what I will say is I love it and i think it works great. The colour is a pink/burgundy colour which goes great with lots of my lipsticks I own as I am a very burgundy kind of girl. I also didn't realise how well they keep lipsticks on. I use this all over the lip as a sort of base colour and it really helps to keep the colour on longer than just wearing lipstick on it's own. I have worn this for college and it helps keep for the whole day with just a little wear from eating and drinking. I definitely need to invest in a few other to go with different colour lipsticks i have like purple and light pinks, and will be trying out some different brands too, to see the differences between them.

These are a few different colour tests with the same liner and different lipsticks. The liner is from elf in the colour bitter.

Mac - Impassioned

Elf - Gypsy

Collection 2000

Leave any comments of liners or lipsticks you would recommend? xxx

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