Friday, 27 June 2014

Empties Of June

This is my first ever empties post but i have seen millions of these and find them interesting, im someone that never actually gets to finish things as i get bored and try different products, so im left with products half empty or just little bits in the bottom. However this month i ended up actually finding myself with a few different empty products that i wanted to share and say my opinion on them.

No7 felt tip liner
I have had this liner for a long time, since before christmas i think as i got it free on an offer, and i have been using it practically non stop since, it is the nicest eyeliner ever, i can not describe how much i like it. Its really easy to apply to your eye whether you want just a thin line or a thicker cat eye, the colour is very opaque and it stays on really well during the whole day but comes off easily at night with makeup remover. I will definitely be repurchasing this product again.

Max factor mega volume mascara
This mascara i have actually repurchased multiple times, so i have had a few empties of this product, but this is a mascara that i use everyday, every occasion, it works really well and adds great volume to your lashes. It is a very good drug store product and i really don't intend on trying anything different soon.

Lush bubble bars & bath bombs
I suppose this is not like a tube product that becomes empty, but i have used up all of the bath bombs and bubble bars i had from lush and just bought a couple more, I love them, they are the best thing to put into your bath when you just want to relax, they all smell amazing and they turn your water some very cool colours. My favourite one i just finished was the comforter bubble bar, it is a pink and white swirled colour and smells of mainly blackcurrent, it is lovely and really does help to relax.

Girlz only dry shampoo
Dry shampoo is something that i think most people should have, it is a good product to use between washes to help give your hair that boost and also great for certain hairstyles when trying to do a bigger look. At the moment i have used one called Girlz only which you can get from the supermarket really cheap, but i will probably use a batiste dry shampoo next as i feel it works a little better.


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