Friday, 20 June 2014

Prom Inspiration

Prom is upon us, I have my leavers ball on Wednesday as i have finally finished college and have been let out to the real world, I wanted to share my dress, shoes, makeup, hair and anything else related for anyone who wants ideas for their prom or just a special occasion you might have over the summer. I had a set idea for my dress in my head and i searched high and low in shops and online, finally finding one i loved, and i got some amazing statement heels.

The dress i got online at millybridal which is great website with lots of dresses to chose from with customisable colour, there's even free shipping which is always a great bonus. I went for a short black dress, it has a sweetheart neckline with little capped sleeves, the top part has a lace pattern with a tiered skirt. There are sequins lining the top and bottom of the bodice, and they were on the sleeves too but unfortunately it just looked too much so I sat one afternoon unpicking the thread, they came off easily and didn't damage the dress at all. I think this dress is formal but still says funky as i like to be a little different, and with it being black i will definitely be able to wear this again for a different occasion.

 As for shoes i wanted something that would stand out against my all black dress, that said they are black but they're super gorgeous and i love them, they are from the brand irregular choice they have a nice chunky heel so easy for me to walk in and keep on all night, they're also not too high which is great as I'm quite tall compared to my friends anyway they're open toed with a red orange floral pattern on the side and a bow type accessory on top.

For my makeup, i went for a slightly smokey eye in the greys and black with a bold orange/red lip to match the shoes and hair flower.

 The products I used are:
NO7 eye shadow - Khaki shineMua eyeshadow - Black and cream
No7 felt tip eyeliner - Black
Max factor mega volume mascara - Black
Rimmel london eye brow pencil - Brown
Rimmel london staye matte primer
Mac Pro longwear foundationMac studio finish concealer
Mac studio fix powder
Mua powder blush - Marshmallow
Benefit hoola bronzer
17 stay pout lipstick - Make an entrance

Finally to finish the whole look was my hair, I wanted something off my face so that you could see my makeup and so that it would stay out the way for the whole night, my hair is short anyway so i didn't have to worry about it covering the back as this is a statement of the dress. I saw this look from a youtube tutorial and from the film hunger games, it is prim's hair style at the reaping (For anyone who knows the film). It is a plaited braid on either side, with one side having a bow detail, i then french braided my hair to create the wavy effect and pinned the two plaits at the back with a red and black flower clip to hind any pins and match in the colours with my shoes.


 Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for any upcoming proms or special occasions.
P.s. This blog is being moved over to so further posts will be on both blogs but this one will be gone in a few weeks.


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